Happy 2014!!

As I'm sure you realized 2013 was a quiet year for the blog, though, don't you worry 2014 for will be more productive and bring you lots of new and interesting posts!!

Also, this year will mark the (re)launch of the Get Perspective Journal, which will share the same ethos, but offer this in a more well rounded journal form, sharing the perspectives from multiply sources and writers.

Greetings and happy New Year…

This 2013 Get Perspective blog is intending to expand into an online culture studies journal, piloting the project on WordPress!

In keep with our core aim of encouraging critical thinking by deconstructing political, social & cultural messages to provide an engaging perspective & incite debates.

It’s been a long time since I've read something that made me really angry and deeply annoyed, and this is probably more down to my ability to avoid offending articles then intelligent journalism!

So imagine my annoyance when I spotted on my Twitter timeline a tweet by Huffington Post UK declaring that "40% of African-American women avoid exercise because of concerns about their hairstyle, a study has found".

I've been reading a few books recently about the gender myth so this was an interesting find!

A Swedish toy company are promoting in their Christmas catalogue images of reversed gender play, so girls can be seen playing with trains while the boys play with dolls. 

I think this is a great way to diversify our gendered way of thinking especially that of parents (whom are in the main position to enforce gender play stereotypes on their children).

I have to admit I found this a tad bit extreme but I totally get the sentiment.

A band of Cairo women have grouped together to tackle the rising issue of women reporting incidents of street harassment by men.  This vigilante group, who call themselves Estargel (that's 'Be A Man' in English) don bright clothing and target men who sexually harass women by giving them a taste of their own medicine.

As an Atheists I was skeptical at first about reading this book, since thanks to popular Atheists like Richard Dawkins (who's book The God Delusion I find too arrogant to finish reading), Atheists have been given a bad rep of being condescending towards religion. 

Thankfully this was not the case, with Alain De Botton's Religion for atheists instead being a quick and interesting read.