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Event: Inter 4th Global Conference on Fashion: Exploring Critical Issues

Our presentation and sessions panel
Last month we attended our first academic conference in Oxford hosted by which was attended by scholars from around the world and explored the theoretics of fashion. The four day conference consisted of 13 panelled sessions where those with essays presented their fields then opened to the floor for questions and engaging debates. Critical issues such as fashion and youth culture, eco and sustainable fashion, the politics of fashion and luxury [fashion] practices and concepts (which we presented in) where just some of the subjects discussed.

It was a great experience to be surrounded by those with a keen interest in fashion theory and to be a part of the very vast ranging discussions on fashion. Some of the highlights from the sessions discussed the theory of deconstructive fashion, the historical narratives of Indian fashion garments, the evolution of South Africa’s fashion identity and the emerging 'homeless chic' fashion trend.

The conference dinner & mingle
Our paper discussed the practice of western fashion designers using strong non-western cultural references in their collections and whether this appropriates to borrowing or theft. Using two luxury heritage brands and their collections (which exhibit this practice) as case studies, our paper highlighted 2 different methods of this practice with one of them being found as stealing.
Our presentation created a lot of buzz and excitingly opened up for a great debate which continued way beyond the day’s session.  

Overall we would deem the conference a success as it was great to share our ideas and critiques with those keen to engage in intellectual debates but also to explore the theoretics of fashion from the different perspectives and disciplines held by those in attendance. 

Our new international friends

If you are interested in the conferences program and sessions or interested in reading our essay draft or the drafts of any of the conferences other participants, please see the links provided below.

Links to:
Conference Programme, Abstracts and Papers
Session 8: Luxury Practice and Concepts (see our abstract/essay draft here)


  1. Hi! I would like to get your opinion about joining Interdisciplinary.Net's conferences. Isn't the cost to attend one a bit expensive? Do you think it's worth it? Thanks!

    1. Yes I would agree that the attendance fee for the conference is very expensive (in comparison to other conferences I've attended). However, I think that much of the cost is spent on the location, venue, and the meals/snacks provided.
      The conference pulls in an international crowd, and gives you enough time to network and make acquaintances, so can be very useful for your study/research/work.
      I made a few connects at this particular conference, whom I've kept in touch with. It also exposed to some really good research theories which have expanded my work.

      The decision is ultimately yours to make, though if it helps, its not a conference I'd attend every year (as my research is self funded)!


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